Manufacturing services

The manufacturing services business unit of C.A.T. PROGETTI is divided into four divisions:






Mainly involved in partnership activity for subcontracting of cabling (in electrical panels and on machinery) manufactured in-house or on the customer’s premises often with the support of electrical HW and SW design developed by the internal technical department.

Over the years, as a result of individual initiatives and careful analysis of customer growth, by the mid 1990s company know-how had increased to achieve complete independence in the supply of electrical, electronic and software components for turnkey machinery and systems including post-sales assistance.
The main aspects of current activity include:

  • Customer support during project infancy and the quotation stage with assessment of design and manufacturing components and specifications.
  • Design of wiring diagram hardware and accessory documentation.
  • PLC software design for automation (including integrated with machine tool numeric control systems) and human-machine interfaces.
  • Application of monitoring systems (smart cameras), barcode and data matrix readers and markers (laser, inkjet, vibrating pen).
  • Manufacture of electrical panels including supply of all materials.
  • Start-up and putting into service of installed systems.



Operations began in 1984 in cooperation with COMAU (FIAT group holding) to develop process automation for the manufacture of Fully Integrated Robotized Engine (FIRE). This partnership lasted until the beginning of the 21st century.

Over the years we have developed a wide range of process automation solutions for a myriad of production sectors including:

  • machine tools (lathes, mills, machining centres) including retrofitting.
  • automatic machinery (casing machinery, powder coating lines, wet spinning, manufacture of industrial brushes, food packaging, measuring machinery, robotic stations with integrated monitoring system, product assembly automation, test benches, etc.).

The division is currently involved independently in the FP7 CARLOs project and, in its role as the driving force behind the process automation and robotics business cluster, a bin-picking project as well as a biomedical robotics project in cooperation with the orthopaedics hospital, Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli.
C.A.T. Progetti is a partner in the Intelligent Factory Technology Business Cluster.



(Nanofibers by Electrospinning Process… read more)

Electrospinning is one of the most economic, versatile and efficient nanotechnologies used to manufacture highly porous nano- and micro-fibre membranes.

Application fields range from biomedicine to filtration, composite materials, energy storage, sensors and electronics.

Operations began in 2007 in cooperation with the inter-faculty “Research Group of Electrospinning” at the University of Bologna, which gave rise to the electrospinning business cluster in 2008 and the high-tech start-up company, Spinbow srl, in 2012.

Activity concentrates on the development, industrialisation and manufacture of small and medium-sized equipment to produce electrospun membranes which are then marketed by Spinbow using its network of dealers.

An Electrospinning FAB LAB has been set up at the University of Bologna, in cooperation with Spinbow to allow us to test new equipment. This facility is also used by research institutes and companies to test new polymer solutions.




Operations began in 1990, when C.A.T. PROGETTI helped to develop, in partnership with the Bologna-based IMS company, the brand new GIOTTO mammography screening device which is still in production today.

Other projects followed including development of the Total Body Corsini9090 and Corsini9030 remote-controlled radiology systems for the parent company, C.A.T. Di Corsini G.& C. SPA.

Towards the end of the 1990s the division cooperated in the design of a C-arm for SIAS SPA.