Manufacturing services

The manufacturing services business unit of C.A.T. PROGETTI is divided into four divisions:




Mainly involved in partnership activity for subcontracting of cabling (in electrical panels and on machinery) manufactured in-house or on the customer’s premises often with the support of electrical HW and SW design developed by the internal technical department.

Over the years, as a result of individual initiatives and careful analysis of customer growth, by the mid 1990s company know-how had increased to achieve complete independence in the supply of electrical, electronic and software components for turnkey machinery and systems including post-sales assistance.
The main aspects of current activity include:

  • Customer support during project infancy and the quotation stage with assessment of design and manufacturing components and specifications.
  • Design of wiring diagram hardware and accessory documentation.
  • PLC software design for automation (including integrated with machine tool numeric control systems) and human-machine interfaces.
  • Application of monitoring systems (smart cameras), barcode and data matrix readers and markers (laser, inkjet, vibrating pen).
  • Manufacture of electrical panels including supply of all materials.
  • Start-up and putting into service of installed systems.



Operations began in 1990, when C.A.T. PROGETTI helped to develop, in partnership with the Bologna-based IMS company, the brand new GIOTTO mammography screening device which is still in production today.

Other projects followed including development of the Total Body Corsini9090 and Corsini9030 remote-controlled radiology systems for the parent company, C.A.T. Di Corsini G.& C. SPA.

Towards the end of the 1990s the division cooperated in the design of a C-arm for SIAS SPA.